Toll free linking

Toll free linking (TFL) gives you free access to Taylor & Francis journal articles that are referenced by articles published in T&F journals that you subscribe to.

Toll free linking also applies to all of our open access journals and all articles published open access under the open select model. 

To benefit from free access via toll free linking navigate to the references section of the article you are reading and click on the link you see to Taylor & Francis Online. You will then be presented with the full text of the referenced article and have free access to it only for that session. Once you leave Taylor & Francis Online or close your browser you will no longer have online access to the article. To keep a permanent copy for your personal reference all you need to do is download the PDF version of the article.

reference image

In order to access the full text of these articles on later visits to Taylor & Francis Online you must follow the same route to the article, going via the references section. If you go directly to the article you will not have free access.