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Authors can make their research open access in over 2,000 Taylor & Francis and Routledge open select journals. Your research funder or institution may require you to publish your article open access and our open select journals give you the flexibility of publishing in a journal that best fits your research while complying with your open access mandates.

Your institution may also have an open access agreement with Taylor & Francis which will cover the cost of publishing open access in our open select journals, allowing you to benefit from open select publishing at no cost to yourself. You can visit our open access options finder or paste your abstract into our journal suggester to help you find the right journal for your research.

Articles published Open Select (hybrid open access) with Taylor & Francis typically receive 95% more citations* and over 7 times as many downloads^ compared to those that are not published Open Select.  To publish your research open select and see similar benefits use the subject filter on the left and search through a wide range of subjects and disciplines to find the right journal for your research.

  • *Citations received up to 9th June 2021 for articles published in 2016-2020 in journals listed in Web of Science®. Data obtained on 9th June 2021, from Digital Science’s Dimensions platform.
  • ^Usage in 2018-2020 for articles published in 2016-2020 

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