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Society, Health & Vulnerability   aims to contribute to our understanding of vulnerability and marginalization in society in light of health-related factors. The journal provides a multi-disciplinary publication outlet for research on vulnerability in the context of health and its relationship to working life conditions, family, social status, socio-economic status, social situation and other factors.

The journal seeks to shed light on the varying circumstances and resources different individuals and groups face in relation to maintaining and improving health. Research on health and vulnerability over the life course or at different points in the life course is highly relevant, as is vulnerability in light of the interplay between such conditions as access to health care, health and welfare policies, disability or illness, gender, age, ethnic group, poverty and social or working conditions.

SHV seeks to bring together new theoretical and empirical knowledge from various scientific disciplines about these issues globally, locally and contextually. Quantitative as well as qualitative research is welcome, as are both conceptual and theoretical contributions.

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