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This journal has ceased (2018).

Advances in Regenerative Biology is a new international peer-reviewed open access journal dedicated to publishing high quality research in the areas of developmental biology, stem cell biology, and regenerative medicine. The aim of the journal is to contribute to a better understanding of this broad field of research and provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and data on how novel observations and experimental results may translate into applications in the field of regenerative medicine.

One of our highest priorities is to improve the transparency and reproducibility of the published data. To this end, and so to guarantee the highest quality of the data presented, all papers are especially evaluated for their technical aspects, research design and analytical methods.

Topics of interest include

  • cellular and molecular mechanisms of development
  • morphogenesis
  • stem cell biology
  • embryonic stem cells
  • adult stem cells
  • cellular regeneration
  • pluripotency
  • stem cell differentiation
  • stem cell niches
  • tissue‐specific stem cells
  • germline stem cells
  • epigenetics
  • genome reprogramming
  • genome editing
  • gene therapy
  • nuclear transfer technology
  • stem cell‐based disease models
  • cell imaging
  • stem cell protocols
  • biomaterials
  • bioimplants
  • biofilms
  • bioimaging
  • tissue engineering and modeling
  • artificial organs
  • any aspect related to regenerative medicine


In order to make scientific and technological research more accessible to the civil society, authors are invited to contribute with a brief summary for a non-expert. This effort meets not only the interests of the science community but also those of civil society at large, the open access publication model being conducive to this effort.


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