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Published by  Sage from 2013.

The International Journal of Green Nanotechnology publishes research communications, articles, and reviews of the latest developments in all aspects of green nanotechnology, including physics and chemistry, biomedicine, materials science, and engineering. Examples of the topics covered include: 
  • Green nanoparticle production and characterization; 
  • Biocompatibility;  
  • Nanomedical applications of green nanotechnologies;
  • Development of new medical diagnostic and therapeutic agents;
  • Biological sensors;
  • Design and development of chemical sensors, smart electronic materials, and nonscale robots
In addition, the journal publishes articles and commentaries on the societal impacts of green nanotechnologies, including socioeconomic and regulatory impacts, and perceptions of these among academics, policymakers, corporate decision makers, and the public. 

Publication office: Taylor & Francis, Inc., 325 Chestnut Street, Suite 800, Philadelphia, PA 19106.

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