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Journal overview

The Editors of Philosophical Magazine consider for publication a recently expanded range of contributions describing original experimental and theoretical results, computational simulations and concepts relating to condensed matter physics, micromechanics and materials science, and the interpretation, with confirmatory experimental evidence, of the behaviour of solids on an atomic or microscopic scale. The submission of papers on novel measurements, phases, phenomena, and new types of material such as low-dimensional phases, topological phases and multicomponent metals and oxides is encouraged.

Part A (Materials Science) carries papers where, in general, the phenomena and interpretation are on a microscopic or atomic scale, for example physical, mechanical and defect-related properties in metals and alloys, ceramics, semiconductors and polymers studied by techniques such as electron microscopy, indentation, differential scanning calorimetry, X-ray microanalysis, electron energy loss spectroscopy and infrared spectroscopy.

Examples of relevant topics and materials include:

• Energy materials (solar, batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen storage)

• Nanostructures

• Low-dimensional materials

• High-entropy alloys

• Crystal growth, kinetics

• Dislocations and defects

• Soft matter

• Metallic glasses

• Metamaterials

Part B (Condensed Matter Physics) carries papers where, in general, the phenomena and interpretation are on an electronic scale, for example optical and electrical properties of emergent, correlated and topological phases studied by techniques such as electrical conductivity, magnetic susceptibility, nuclear magnetic resonance and neutron, photoelectron and X-ray spectroscopies.

Examples of relevant topics and materials include:

• Structure and phase transitions

• Ferroelectrics and multiferroics

• Disordered systems and alloys

• Magnetism

• Superconductivity

• Electronic structure, photonics, and metamaterials

• Semiconductors and mesoscopic systems

• Surfaces, nanoscience, and two-dimensional materials

• Topological states of matter

In 2023 Philosophical Magazine  has launched two new parts as follows

Part C (Quantum Materials and Devices) is a section dedicated to research articles where quantum phenomena are either evident on a macroscopic scale or significantly influence the system's emergent properties. This can lead to unique optical or mechanical attributes originating solely from quantum mechanisms. In addition, we welcome submissions on quantum theory, methodologies, and algorithms, with a particular focus on light-matter interactions and quantum many-body theory.

Key topics of interest include:

• Quantum Materials and Devices 

• Quantum Computing

• Photonic and Polaritonic Systems

• Quantum Optics and Entanglement

• Quantum Theory and Algorithms

• Quantum Cryptography and Metrology

• Computational Materials Science

• Condensed Matter Physics

Part D (History of the Physical Sciences) More details to follow

Readership: Physicists, materials scientists, and physical chemists within universities and research institutes.

Manuscripts are considered on the strict condition that they have been submitted only to Philosophical Magazine , that they have not been published already, and that they are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Contributions to Philosophical Magazine must report original research and will be subjected to review by referees at the discretion of the Editors.

By submitting a manuscript to Philosophical Magazine authors are agreeing that CrossCheck software may be used to screen their work for unoriginal material.

All peer review is single anonymized.

Authors can choose to publish gold open access in this journal.

Read the Instructions for Authors for information on how to submit your article.

Philosophical Magazine Letters is the recently-relaunched fully open access journal, which has grown out from  Philosophical Magazine, and publishes a range of article types covering a broad range of physics disciplines.

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