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Journal overview

Materials Research Letters is a high impact, open access journal on the science and technology of advanced, novel and emergent materials.

Materials Research Letters supports the materials research community by publishing original and compelling research work.

Materials Research Letters provides fast communications on cutting-edge materials research findings. It primarily focuses on advanced metallic materials and physical metallurgy including the deformation mechanisms, structures, processing and properties of metals and alloys. Other materials including intermetallics, ceramics, and nanocomposites will also be considered.

Materials Research Letters publishes papers with significant breakthroughs in materials science, including the materials science for unprecedented mechanical and functional properties, the mechanism for processing and formation of novel microstructures including, but not limited to, nanostructures, heterostructures and hierarchical structures, as well as the mechanisms, physics and chemistry responsible for the observed mechanical and functional behaviors of advanced materials.

The journal accepts original research letters, brief overviews of critical issues, and perspective pieces that present provocative and visionary opinions and views.

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