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Journal overview

The Journal of Systematic Palaeontology publishes papers that present novel and impactful results in systematics and which use these results as a basis for rigorous analyses of functional morphology, evolution, palaeoecology, palaeobiogeography or biostratigraphy. Papers dealing with theoretical issues or molecular phylogenetics will be considered if they are of relevance to palaeontological systematists. Contributions that include major anatomical descriptions, descriptions of new taxa or taxonomic revisions are welcome, but must also make a substantial contribution to systematics (for the field), such as a revised higher-level classification or new phylogeny. Papers dealing primarily with alpha-taxonomic descriptions, reports of new faunal/floral records, or minor revisions to species- or genus-level classifications will not typically fall within the remit of the journal.

All submitted manuscripts are subject to initial appraisal by the Editors, and, if deemed suitable for further consideration, to peer review by anonymous expert referees. Submission is online via Submission Portal.

The Journal of Systematic Palaeontology is now considering proposals for mini reviews and review articles, which should be of broad interest to palaeontological systematics. Proposals for a review should be roughly a single page in length and must be submitted to the Editors-in-Chief, Imran Rahman ( and Zerina Johanson (

Following evaluation, the Editors will contact the authors via email with their decision. Reviews should not be submitted without the previous approval of the Editors; unsolicited reviews will be rejected automatically.

updated 26 March 2024

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