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All Life Methods is the home for publishing multidisciplinary life science methods and protocols, led by a team of subject experts. As a fully open, international journal, we aim to break down siloed specialisms to better foster transparency and sharing of information across the life sciences through the following subject areas:

• Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

• Genetics

• Cell Biology

Techniques the journal will accept include; protein engineering, heterologous protein expression, protein functions, mass spectrometry, protein-protein interactions, post-translational changes, structural biology techniques, enzyme kinetics, enzyme inhibition, enzyme identification, regulation of gene expression, epigenetics, gene targeting, transduction, chemical biology, biochemical microbiology, bioassays, and microbial pathogenesis.

We will consider other techniques on a case by case basis, so please email the Publishing Editor and Editor in Chief for further information.

Accepting Protocols, Methodology Papers, Reviews and Data Notes, All Life Methods welcomes submission of negative results and replication studies. Proposals of themed collections are encouraged.

All Life Methods mandates all associated data sets be made publicly available, please ensure data is deposited in a community recognized repository and given a unique digital object identifier (doi) prior to submission. All Life Methods has a diverse audience so authors should ensure their findings are clearly presented and technical information clearly explained. Please read our instructions for authors carefully before submitting to the journal.

We encourage authors to deposit their manuscripts as a pre-print to speed up the dissemination of research and allows authors to receive feedback before formal peer review. Deposition of your manuscript in a pre-print server will have no bearing on the peer review process and final decision made on your manuscript. Authors who believe their manuscript would benefit from English editing prior to submission should seek a professional editing service or native English speaker. Details of editing services available from Taylor & Francis are available here.

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