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The Washington Quarterly ( TWQ )

Hosted by GW’s Elliott School of International Affairs and published by Taylor & Francis, TWQ is a global security affairs journal providing diverse perspectives on strategic changes, trends, and relations around the world and their public policy implications. It addresses topics such as:

  • the future of global order and the US role in the world
  • the role of China, India, and other rising powers
  • nuclear security challenges including among new, aspiring, or great nuclear powers
  • democracy's geopolitical future—its strengths, weaknesses, and prospects
  • sanctions and other means of coercion in an interdependent world
  • the information contest and the security implications of disinformation
  • transnational security threats such as climate change, pandemics, and terrorism

Contributors are drawn from outside and inside the United States and reflect diverse political, regional, and professional perspectives. Essays are authoritative yet written for the global affairs generalist. Members of the analytical, diplomatic, intelligence, media, and policymaking communities value TWQ as a source of incisive, independent thinking about global political and security challenges and policies. TWQ has subscribers in more than 50 countries.

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