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Journal overview

Innovation and Development is an interdisciplinary journal publishing high-quality original research on innovation, development and their interaction. Research published in the journal places innovation at the very heart of the development process and focuses on its evolutionary and institutional characteristics.

Aims of the journal

The aim of the journal is to provide a dedicated outlet and key reference point for researchers working at the intersection of innovation studies and development studies. The journal publishes research on development problems in low- and middle-income countries but also maintains a dedicated emphasis on exploring the intricate interplay between local and global dynamics, addressing globalisation and governance issues related to learning and innovation. The journal is particularly interested in research that is interdisciplinary and that has the potential to inform policy and practice.

Scope of the journal

Innovation and Development adopts a broad approach to innovation, as a socially embedded and evolutionary process which include technological, institutional and organisational aspects in all sectors of the economy and sections of society. It is unique in its comprehensive conception of innovation as a systemic process and one with potentially transformative effects on sustainable and inclusive development.

Disciplinary groundings

This focus of the journal cuts across the fields such of innovation studies and evolutionary economics, development studies and development economics, technology management, science of science, international business, entrepreneurship, economic geography, and organisational behaviour. We welcome manuscripts on a wide range of topics, theoretical frameworks, and methodological approaches, if they are theoretically rigorous and address novel, significant, and engaging questions related to innovation and development.

Current priority themes

The following is a list of priority themes which is currently given special attention by the editorial board:

  • New and emerging technologies in the Global South
  • Green transformations, technologies, and economic development
  • Innovation for the SDGs
  • Innovation and upgrading in agriculture.
  • Greening and natural resources
  • Local-global interfaces of technological and economic development
  • New theories and methods for innovation and development research
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