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Critical Review: A Journal of Politics and Society is a political-science journal dedicated to advancing political theory with an epistemological bent. Recurrent questions discussed in our pages include: How can political actors know what they need to know to effect positive social change? What are the sources of political actors’ beliefs? Are these sources reliable?

Critical Review is the only journal in which the ideational determinants of political behavior are investigated empirically as well as being assessed for their normative implications. Thus, while normative political theorists are the main contributors to Critical Review, we also publish scholarship on the realities of public opinion, the media, technocratic decision making, ideological reasoning, and other empirical phenomena.

Because contributions to Critical Review should be accessible to scholars in all four subfields of political science, technical approaches and jargon should be avoided. Unsolicited submissions are subject to initial appraisal by the Editor and, if found suitable for further consideration, subject to (a) double anonymized external peer review at the discretion of either the Editor or the author; (b) internal peer review; or (c) both a and b. Option b sometimes renders option a unnecessary, in our judgment. But authors may nevertheless ask for option a (e.g., for career reasons).

“A must for idea-hungry political scientists.”
--David Mayhew, Yale University

“Scholarly, quirky, and unpredictable.”
–Daniel Bell, Harvard University

“An excellent publication.”
--Anthony Giddens, London School of Economics

Authors can choose to publish gold open access in this journal.

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Michael Rosen’s The Shadow of God: Kant, Hegel, and the Passage from Heaven to History