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Journal overview

Cogent Economics & Finance is a multidisciplinary open access journal publishing high-quality peer-reviewed research by authors from across the globe. Our inclusive nature ensures we cover the entire scope of economics and finance research – from financial economics to economic philosophy and everything in between, including replication studies – and we make sure this research is visible to everyone, anywhere, any time. The journal welcomes theoretical and empirical contributions.

The journal is headed up by an expert team of Senior Editors who, in keeping with our vision of inclusivity and sharing, evaluate submissions on scholarly merit and research integrity. Manuscripts are never rejected purely on the grounds of perceived importance or impact on the research community.

Cogent Economics & Finance aims to take an objective and constructive approach to peer review, with editors seeking work that displays sound research methods and reasoning, relevance to the journal’s audience, and clear and coherent language. Article-level metrics allow the research to be assessed on its own merit.

Cogent Economics & Finance considers original research and review articles in the following sections and broad topical areas:

Development Economics

Welcomes novel and interesting applied research that makes a valuable contribution to the field of Economics across all aspects of development economics including, but not limited to: fiscal policy, monetary policy, health policy, regulatory policy, political economy, underdevelopment, agriculture, poverty, inequality, globalisation and trade, sustainable development, energy and environment.

This section welcomes research which employs an interdisciplinary approach and addresses questions in development economics, that are of interest to the general readers of the journal, comprising both academia and practitioners. It also welcomes research in development economics at the macro, micro and meso level.

Econometrics and Data Analytics

Aims to publish high-quality papers in macroeconometrics, microeconometrics and financial econometrics. The journal encourages submissions of research outcomes from all areas of econometric research including applied, methodological and theoretical studies. Considering Data Analytics, this section also looks at publishing high-quality research outcomes from data-rich studies in the broad area of economics and finance. It focuses on fundamental and applied research outcomes in data analytics theories and methodologies. Additionally, it promotes data-rich application studies and encourages multidisciplinary research. It aims to bring together academic researchers, industry data experts, and potential end users of data science and analytical technologies. This section welcomes challenges spanning data capture, storage, analysis, visualization, and various modelling techniques.

Environmental Economics and Sustainability 

Publishes papers across a range of environmental and natural resource economics topics including, but not limited to, sustainability, climate change, natural resource use, environmental justice, energy use, land use, pollution and associated externalities, environmental health policy, regulation, and environmental valuation.

The journal welcomes both theoretical and empirical papers, including the use of traditional as well as novel methodological techniques. Our audience is both international and inter-disciplinary and includes academics, researchers, regulators, and policy makers.

Financial Economics

The Financial Economics section of Cogent Economics and Finance seeks to publish high quality articles from across the full range of the finance and financial economics discipline. This includes and extends from, but is not limited to, areas of corporate finance and firm behaviour (such as capital structure and dividend policy), the behaviour of financial institutions (such as bank profitability, risk and efficiency as well as issues in microfinance and financial inclusion), international finance, risk management, behavioural finance, asset pricing and behaviour across and between asset types (such as stock, bond, commodity, real estate and other markets), towards the boundary between finance and macroeconomics, and examining the interaction between the real economy and financial markets.

This section has notable interest in two of the main developing trends within financial economics. First, in regard of ESG (environmental, social and governance). This captures work around green finance, including the pricing of green assets and the building of green portfolios, as well as key issue in social and governance (such as how finance can be used to improve the functioning of firms for all stakeholders). Second, in how advances in analytics, big data and fintech now interact with market dynamics and help provide new answers and insights to current questions. The scope of this section addresses all of the major questions in financial economics, from how firms raise, spend and distribute capital, to how financial institutions try to manage the risks involved in trading assets, and understanding why asset prices change and how that impacts the economic environment.

General & Applied Economics

Considers a broad range of applied analyses, covering both microeconomics and macroeconomics subject areas such as, but not restricted to: labour, education, industrial organisation, trade, behavioural, monetary, health and agricultural economics. While some theoretical papers are published, many submissions are empirical in nature, encompassing both econometic analyses and the results of experimental research. The editors are also interested in receiving papers on economics teaching, learning and assessment, where authors can provide evidence on the impact of innovations adopted. This section also welcomes submissions on Economic Methodology, Philosophy and History.

Cogent Economics & Finance considers original research articles, reviews and letters in any area of the following areas of economics and finance:

- Development Economics
- Econometrics
- Financial Economics
- General & Applied Economics (including Economic Methodology, Philosophy & History

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- Rigorous peer review featuring constructive dialogue with experts
- Fast publication on a state-of-the-art platform
- Innovative article-level performance metrics
- Global marketing and high production values
- Extensive indexing and archiving of your work

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