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Journal overview

Developmental Neurorehabilitation aims to enhance recovery, rehabilitation and education of people with brain injury, neurological disorders, and other developmental, physical and intellectual disabilities. Although there is an emphasis on childhood, developmental disability can be considered from a lifespan perspective. This perspective acknowledges that development occurs throughout a person’s life and thus a range of impairments or diseases can cause a disability that can affect development at any stage of life.

Examples of topics appropriate for Developmental Neurorehabilitation include:

  • The longitudinal consequences of neurological insult during childhood and the impact of such injury in later life
  • Childhood neurological disorders and treatment, encompassing factors of lifespan, neurological recovery and intervention at experimental, clinical and theoretical levels
  • Behavioral interventions focused on improving challenging behavior, communication, social skills, adaptive behavior, educational outcomes, and other factors known to influence independence and quality of life
  • Studies investigating diagnosis and assessment instruments for early screening or diagnosis as well as behavioral, social and language characteristics
  • Studies describing characteristics and individual differences of people with brain injury, neurological disorders, and other developmental, physical and intellectual disabilities as well as the factors related to these characteristics
In order to best serve clinicians and researchers, we seek to include an equal representation of basic and clinical research on development, recovery and rehabilitation. We wish to actively pursue the interchange of ideas, and problems connecting basic and clinical scientists.

Contributions are welcomed in the following formats:

  • ORIGINAL RESEARCH - empirical investigations from clinical and animal research
  • SUBJECT REVIEWS - topical reviews to increase awareness and discussion of future research and practice
  • PEER COMMENTARY - different perspectives on published reviews
  • VOICES FROM THE PAST - children, disability and rehabilitation in history
  • BRIEF REPORTS – innovative pilot work, replications, and case studies limited to 10 pages (see instructions for authors)
  • ETHICAL AND LEGAL PERSPECTIVES - implications of change in the law and of new research

Authors can choose to publish gold open access in this journal.

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