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Medical Mycology is an international journal which focuses on original and innovative studies of all aspects of medical, veterinary and environmental mycology. The topics include, but are not limited to mycological, biochemical and molecular investigations of etiological agents of mycoses; aspects of pathogenesis, immunology, and epidemiology of mycotic diseases; case reports of unusual medical or veterinary fungal infections; laboratory approaches to the identification of fungal pathogens, antifungal therapy and prophylaxis; mode of action, pharmacokinetics and assessments of new antifungal agents; investigations of the mycological aspects of the indoor environment, with a focus on human and animal health. The aim of the journal is to present the best scientific reports from throughout the world and in so doing to provide a comprehensive reference base for medical mycologists, microbiologists, clinicians, and environmental specialists.

2007 Impact Factor: 1.670
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