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The Experience of Enchantment and the Sense of Wonder

Pages 115-129 | Received 08 Jan 2021, Accepted 06 May 2021, Published online: 19 May 2021


This paper begins by drawing on accounts of enchantment as wonder by three authors (Alain-Fournier, Aldous Huxley and J.R.R. Tolkien) to explore its basic characteristics and dynamics. It then draws a contrast with the disenchantment attending will and the will-to-power, noting the internal affinity of the latter with the project of modernity and its contrast with enchantment as a non-modern experience. It then proceeds to a critique of three influential philosophers’ portrayals of enchantment (Philip Fisher, Jane Bennett and Akeel Bilgrami, as well as Charles Taylor), which it faults for not paying closer attention to the implications of the experience of enchantment. It closes with a plea for philosophy aligned with the humanities rather than sciences.


I would like to thank John Parham for his helpful editorial suggestions. An earlier version was given at the symposium on ‘Enchanted Environments’ at the University of Worcester, 6 March 2020. For other, overlapping work on the same subject see (Curry Citation2012, Citation2017a, Citation2017b, Citation2018, Citation2019). Finally, this paper is dedicated to the memory of Wendy Wheeler.

Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest

No potential conflict of interest was reported by the author(s).


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Additional information

Notes on contributors

Patrick Curry

Patrick Curry is a former lecturer at the universities of Kent and Bath Spa. He remains a Tutor at the University of Wales. He is the author of several books, most recently Enchantment: Wonder in Modern Life (2019), and editor of the online journal The Ecological Citizen. For more information see http://www.patrickcurry.co.uk/

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