Aims and scope

Appearing three times a year, Visual Culture in Britain publishes original work that incorporates a wide range of media and related theoretical approaches that expand the realms of visual culture beyond the ocular to incorporate the emerging theories associated with the new materialisms in Britain. Contributions are welcomed from academics and professionals working in Art, Architecture, Design, Film, Performance/Live Arts, Craft/Makers, Intermedia, Mass/Hyper/Digital Media and Games.

The journal seeks material engaged with the areas of Aesthetics, Art History, Museology, Architectural Theory & History, Design Theory & History, Social Anthropology, Archaeology, Film Studies, TV Studies, Media Studies, Cultural Geography and British Cultural Studies (as a method and subject). The time period covered is extended backwards and forwards and reaches from 2,000 years ago when the island of Great Britain was created, and forwards to include futurist speculation on the fates of ‘Britain’ and its visual and material cultures. Submissions which consider theoretical and interpretive issues as well as those concerned with empirical research that seek to radically redefine post-human politics, agency, corporeality, criticality, representation, and time are also encouraged.

Authors can choose to publish gold open access in this journal.

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