Aims and scope

Pharmaceutical Biology publishes peer-reviewed, open access research on natural medicines, biologically active natural products or their derivatives, and complex traditional medicine formulas.

Pharmaceutical Biology aims to deliver high-level research characterized by scientific rigor and the potential to advance the field. Papers may cover any facet of natural product research related to pharmaceutical biology, as well as agents or topics related to natural product drugs (e.g., semi-synthetic derivatives).

Specific research areas within the scope of the journal include:

  • Discovery of novel bioactive chemicals from natural sources (including herbal medicines, marine organisms, and microorganisms)
  • Structural modification of bioactive natural products and structure-activity relationship studies
  • Quality control of herbal medicines
  • Pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, toxicity, and clinical studies of natural products and herbal medicines
  • Biosynthesis and biocatalysis of natural products

Studies on complex herbal extracts must characterize their chemical composition (e.g., HPLC fingerprinting analysis or quantization of major compounds). This is important for other researchers to repeat the results.

Pharmaceutical Biology accepts research articles, reviews, perspectives, and short communications.

The journal operates a double anonymized peer review policy. All articles will be made freely and permanently available online through gold open access publication.

Read the Instructions for Authors for information on how to submit your article.