Aims and scope

*Please note that Expert Review of Vaccines converted to a full Open Access journal from Volume 22 (2023). Previous volumes will continue to provide access through a Pay to Read model.

Expert Review of Vaccines (e-ISSN 1744-8395) is a MEDLINE-indexed, international journal publishing rigorously peer-reviewed research in the development, application, and clinical effectiveness of new vaccines.

The vaccine field has been transformed by recent technological advances, but there remain many challenges in the delivery of cost-effective, safe vaccines. Expert Review of Vaccines facilitates decision making to drive forward this exciting field.

The journal features cutting edge reviews and original articles on vaccines, the immune response, and the powerful impact of immunization against infectious diseases. We also cover vaccine technologies and platforms, adjuvants, therapeutic vaccines and vaccination for the control of non-communicable diseases.

Alongside review articles, the journal welcomes clinically relevant and novel original research. Pharmacoeconomic studies are considered if there is clear clinical relevance. Please note that the journal does not publish case reports or animal studies. Letters to the Editor should discuss articles previously published in the journal.

Comprehensive coverage in each review is complemented by the unique Expert Collection format and includes the following sections:

Expert Opinion – a personal view of the data presented in the article, a discussion on the developments that are likely to be important in the future, and the avenues of research likely to become exciting as further studies yield more detailed results;

Article Highlights – an executive summary of the author’s most critical points.

Once your paper has been assessed for suitability by the Editorial Team, it will then be double-anonymous peer-reviewed by independent, expert referees.

Read the Instructions for Authors for information on how to submit your article. For any pre-submission enquiries, please contact the Commissioning Editor.

Please note, from 2023 the Print ISSN is not in active use as this journal is no longer published in print.